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Seed beads and lampwork

One of the highlights of the GBUK AGM a couple of weeks ago was the opportunity to take a free class. Last year, I did silver clay, this year it was using seed beading to form a bezel around a lampwork cabochon to turn it into a pendant.

The class was run by the lovely and infinitely patient Carol Passaro, and the first thing to do was chose a tin as each one had a different colour combination in it. Colours chosen, thread cut and conditioned, we settled down to work. I don’t think I have ever heard a bunch of lampworkers be so quiet! The concentration was palpable.

I was so thrilled with the result, it looks really good and I’ve done very little seed beading before.

beaded cabochon

My finished pendant!

So now, I have to make some cabochons of my own and get beading!

Problems with pigeons

Drama and excitement yesterday morning! I went outside first thing to the shed to turn off my kiln and see how my beads had come out, and saw two young woodpigeons sitting on the fence. Nothing unusual about that, we have trees in our garden and there are often woodpigeons waddling about.

As I stepped into the shed, I heard the pigeons take off, followed by two loud bangs. One of them had flown into our upstairs window, which was the bang I heard. Fortunately, it picked itself up and flew off. But where was the other one? Answer: standing in the back doorway, looking very confused. And as I watched, it turned around and wandered into the house.

Fortunately, my husband came downstairs and the pigeon ended up in the downstairs toilet/shoe and coat cupboard. I managed to throw a towel over it, and we got the window open and encouraged it out.

The pigeon collecting itself after its adventure

The pigeon collecting itself after its adventure

Thankfully, after a few minutes sitting on the decking, the pigeon flew off to find its parent sitting on the fence. Much relief all round! But far too much excitement for that early on a Monday morning.

A lovely day at the GBUK AGM

Yesterday I spent the day in Oxfordshire, at the AGM for Glass Beadmakers UK. As well as discussing the business of the society, it was a great chance to meet up with friends and buy glass!


Heather Kelly, and her lovely Lauscha glass

The thing that struck me most was how much has changed in a year. Last year it was my first AGM and I knew very few people, but this year I knew nearly everyone there, which was lovely.

And it has also rather confirmed what I already suspected – I really have become a glass addict! Just look at what I brought home.

new glass

It’s going to take me a while to get through this lot!

In my defence a lot of it is CIM Limited Run, so it might not be available for long. But still, when I unpacked it, it did look a lot of glass, even to me. Better get on and melt some of it!