Sea-change Style Secrets with Diana East

Last weekend I was lucky enough to be able to attend Di’s ‘Sea-change Style Secrets’ class. Di makes the most beautiful paperweights, inspired by coral reefs, and although I had watched her make them I really wanted to learn to make them for myself.

On the first day we learned how to build the different components onto a base, and encase it in a dome of clear glass. In the afternoon, Di gave us all some of her stunning murrini and showed us how to open them out on a bead. The next morning, we were thrilled to see what came out of the kiln!

Seachange class beads

Di made the paperweight as a demo – the photo really doesn’t do it justice!

The Sunday was devoted to learning to make the murrini components that make up the sea creatures. Di makes it look so much easier than it is, but despite some wobbly moments I was thrilled with the canes I made.

Heating the cane prior to pulling

Heating the cane prior to pulling

I had a brilliant weekend, with a group of lovely people. I’ve made my first paperweight since, and I can’t wait to get some time on the torch to make some more.

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